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We recently got some additional assistance rebuilding our main download page from the guys at QWERTY Software Development. So this is a shout out to them, thanks guys, the new page looks a lot better. Also we’re moving the new blog content over to be on the same server as our main page in a separate section off the main site. It seemed silly to have multiple separate domains when people interested in what we do should only really have to go to the one site to find out.

While we’re on this subject, it’s probably worthwhile to talk about the new website.

This is what the new redesign looks like.
This is what the new redesign looks like.

It’s still the same WordPress instance as before, but with a slightly more complicated template. At this point I would definitely state that if you’re looking to run a blog on the internet, WordPress is probably not your best choice for it. The blogging functionality is still fairly basic and it’s somewhat complicated for what it needs to do.

WordPress’ main strength is that it’s very customizable and there are plugins available for almost everything, including at this point live page designs. This makes prototyping and changing your old pages much faster, and it makes it easy to add in E-Commerce functionality, chat windows and other tools. It’s easy to underestimate ease of use, but at this point in my career I still think that having something be easy to use is an incredible strength.

Lets take the example of a manual car compared to an automatic. When you’re driving normally the manual gear changes won’t be a problem. After all, you’ve been using the car for a while and are practiced with it, so it’s basically second nature at this point. What is a problem is when things start going wrong. When you need to drive fast or take evasive action that involves movement and not just breaking, at that point then you’re far more likely to forget something simple. Complexity only really becomes a problem when you’re under stress and in a pinch, because that’s when you’re far more likely to blank out on something basic and critical.

The point of all this is that WordPress is surprisingly useful as an E-Commerce platform since it can take care of making the site responsive. It can insure that all the elements scroll properly, that the backgrounds are placed and scroll correctly on different devices and can even notify when your text could be improved for better readability.

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