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After a surprising three year wait, a new version of MacType was released. You can grab the latest version here. Now Windows 10 is officially supported and among other features there is re-enabled DirectWrite support.

Direct Write is a function of DirectX that lets you easily write text to a 3d accelerated surface. Previously this was something that third party text extensions couldn’t affect, since it was a different pathway from the normal Windows GDI text writing method. This means that in theory, all applications should now be covered, including Chrome running with hardware rendering as well as the latest versions of Microsoft Word.

To show the effect of the iOS settings in Windows 10, here is the before..


and the after…


Text does seem noticeably easier to read with this new version, so I’m definitely impressed. By the way, for comparison purposes, here’s the after picture from the 2013 version of MacType.


It’s hard to notice the difference, but there is more sub-pixel hinting with the new version.

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