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After using MacType for a while, I noticed something annoying about it. This is aside from the fact that it does mess with certain programs, because those are very rare. I noticed that with certain Japanese fonts it makes the font not line up with the cursor correctly, that is the real font goes into the blank space of the document while it only appears to take up a small amount of room on the left side of the page. When you try to edit it you will find yourself erasing the wrong characters until you find the right spot by trial and error. Additionally I’ve noticed problems with the kerning (the distance between letters) on certain font sizes.

However I also found an alternative. Gdipp does the same thing and works in roughly the same way, but uses a different library to do it. So far the results in day to day use have been somewhat better and I haven’t seen any problems to this point.


It’s still available for download here.

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