Update Controller


This is a tool to enable automatic background control of the Windows Update process in Windows 10. Preventing it from running or silently restarting without modifying system files and limiting telemetry transmission even on desktop versions of Windows 10.

Gives you back control of when your computer updates itself.
Limits telemetry like Enterprise versions of Windows 10

Get back control of your own computer. Now you can leave it running overnight knowing there won’t be any surprises when you get back to it the next morning.

Our tool prevents…
Surprise reboots which can lose your work.
Surprise popups at work
Drivers being replaced with non-working versions
Windows using your bandwidth when you can’t spare it

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What does it do?

By now you may have noticed that Windows 10 does not allow you to completely disable the Windows Update functionality from the Windows Update settings. This is intended to prevent people who disable it without fully understanding the consequences from accidentally making their machines vulnerable to hackers and worms. This means that you can slightly modify the times that Windows Update works at to some extent, but you cannot completely disable it.

This can be a huge problem if you rely on your machine to keep running. So far this complaint has been answered by pointing out that people who need a Windows machine that can stay up continually should buy a server version of the operating system. The issues are firstly that there are many people who work on their desktops and should not be required to buy a server license (which is not compatible with all desktop software) just to insure that their machine is reliable and secondly that Windows is perfectly capable of running constantly even as a desktop operating system, since the desktop and server systems are almost identical on the inside and are separated only by several system settings and additional software. When Windows XP is more trustworthy and reliable than Windows 10, we feel that something may have gone wrong in the design process.

Our tool enables direct control of the Windows Update process without needing to fiddle with system files or make any other changes. We also prevent the server from silently restarting in the background like it would with other manual disabling methods.

Why it matters

Even when people are accepting of the fact that their machine may randomly restart without warning, this doesn't help if a piece of hardware or software encounters a bug with the latest patch. It makes more sense to wait and see if there are any news reports about issues with similar systems before upgrading your own, and this means being able to control the update process directly.

Modern computer users generally expect a certain level of reliability in the machines they use.

It also doesn't help that larger Windows 10 Updates will reset various settings. So if you've selected to disable telemetry to the extent that Windows 10 allows this (which is not completely off), these settings will all turn back to maximum with a rollup update. They will change without warning and with no notification to you that this has occurred.

Finally it's possible that Microsoft will decide to remove a feature that you depend on in your day to day use. While you might be able to deal with it if you have warning, it can be a problem if the feature disappears without warning. Like for example the ability to use webcams.